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Street Fighting Videos

Street fighting videos can be found all over the Internet, but none of them actually teach you how to fight with proper technique. Other websites out there will tell you that if you pay them crazy fees they can teach you how to fight like the pros, and all you get in return is a bunch of short, confusing clips that will have you bored senseless in minutes. If you are tired of being scammed, we understand and we are here to provide you with a new way to train. Login and experience the #1 Internet video fight school in the world and learn how to defend yourself and those that you love effectively with street fighting videos. DefenseOnDemand.com allows you to turn your mind and your body into a self-defense weapon all from in the comfort of your own home. As a valued member of DefenseOnDemand.com, you get so much more than just street fighting video clips, you get a real martial arts training experience centered on cutting edge, street proven techniques. Real results. Real progress. Guaranteed!

Street Fighting Videos

Wondering how you can really learn at home, online? We understand that you may be a bit skeptical about such a new way to learn and that is why on the home page you will find action packed street fighting video clips and technique previews that will give you a better idea of what you will learn as a member of DefenseOnDemand.com. Remember, this is a preview and in no way represents the length or full range of techniques covered throughout the over 20 hours of instructional video.

Our videos can be viewed in two different ways. Members can either download the videos to their computer so that you can study them whenever you want, or you can take advantage of our streaming video option. Neither is better or worse than the other, it’s all about personal preference. Some consumers simply do not like to download large files, and we understand that. The streaming video represents the on-demand portion of DefenseOnDemand.com, meaning a file download is not necessary.

Our street fighting videos online instruction is easily followed and designed to cater to the veteran or novice martial arts student alike. We are confident that when you visit www.defenseondemand.com you will instantly see why we say DefenseOnDemand.com is a great way to learn. We invite you to explore the website before deciding to participate, we are confident our expert instructors have new and exciting knowledge to offer anyone interested in self defense. Get ready to learn how to effectively defend yourself in any fight. DefenseOnDemand.com – An entirely new way to learn.

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