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Kids Self Defense

Many of our children have no idea what they would do if they found themselves in a dangerous situation. Stop and think of your children. If someone tried to do them harm, would they know what to do? Not surprisingly, most children are not sure how to handle an attacker, even just long enough to escape to a safe distance. This sad reality is the reason why we at DefenseOnDemand.com offer kids self defense training.

Kids Self Defense

Chances are, being a good parent, you taught your children not to hit, punch, or kick other people. But what do they need to do if someone is trying to hurt them? Hit, punch, and kick their way toward safety, that’s what! This poses a challenge, because most children have no idea how to do this properly against an often bigger opponent. Without learning the defensive techniques that modern mixed martial arts training provides, we are leaving our children vulnerable to attack. But that doesn’t have to be the case any longer, now you can teach your own with our kids self defense program!

At DefenseOnDemand, we have designed our Internet mixed martial arts program to be versatile. We want it to be simple enough for a kid to be able to learn how to fight. We feel that children need to have the ability to protect themselves, because they may not always be with Mom and Dad. So, we designed our online kids self defense training, which is unlike anything you have ever seen.

When you join DefenseOnDemand, you gain access to hours and hours of downloadable video courses from our Internet video fight school. The lessons in the videos we offer are easy enough for your children to understand yet advanced enough for even an experienced fighter to use to work on improving technique.

Some of the tips that we will teach your children at DefenseOnDemand include:

  • Catching An Attacker Off Guard
  • How to Use an Opponent’s Own Size Against Him
  • How To Stay Calm and “Think” Your Way Out Of Danger
  • Prime and Vital Areas To Target To Incapacitate An Attacker

Remember that teaching your kids self defense is one of the most empowering gifts you can give them as a parent. It ensures that throughout their lives, your children will stay safe and secure. They will have the confidence they need to fight their way out of any dangerous dilemma. With DefenseOnDemand’s Internet training videos, you can learn right alongside your child as you teach them, in your own home. Show your child how much you value their safety by giving them the power of defensive training.

How do you get started? Simply visit www.DefenseOnDemand.com today.

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